Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Philadelphia Flower Show

Every few years we pay a visit to the Philadelphia Flower show.  This past March we made another visit.  The show is the "largest indoor flower show in the world" attracting more than 250,000 people annually. The show features large-scale gardens, which range from elaborate landscaped displays to individual and club entries of a prize horticultural specimen.

Each year there is an official theme, which serves as the inspiration for most exhibits.  This year the theme was “Springtime in Paris”.  Displays included a "Phantom of the Opera" tableau, a wedding at Notre Dame, floral carousel animals, a mini-Arc de Triomphe and Centre Pompidou, and a scene from the Paris cemetery where rocker Jim Morrison and composer Frederic Chopin are buried.  The centerpiece of the exhibit area was a partial replica of the Eiffel Tower that was featured in a music and light show every fifteen minutes.

We always enjoy the spectacular displays from the local landscaping companies and my personal favorite - the display area featuring the extensive array of bonsai trees.  Another popular part of the show floor is the very large Garden Marketplace where you can buy plants and seeds, cut flowers, craft items, and other flower, landscaping and horticulture-related items.  However, there’s one thing that we don’t look forward to, which keeps us from attending every year, and that is fighting the big crowds.  In past years we’ve always tried to get there in the morning, but it has always been very crowded.  This year we thought we would try getting there late afternoon, but the result was the same. 


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